• ADD:Qiangtang village, Xiangcheng town, Xiangcheng district, China
  • P.C.:215138
  • Contact:Zhou Jinyi  +86-13915583488
  • TEL:+86-512-65420267 65429770
  • +86-512-65421149
  • FAX:+86-512-65422447
  • E-MAIL:sales@sirong.com
  • URL:http://www.sirong.com

Suzhou Xiangcheng Velour Dyeing & Finishing Factory is located at the bankside of Yangcheng
Lake in the north suburb of Suzhou. We have 400 employees and 40mu of floor area. The net
asset is 20 million Yuan. We got the import license of Jiangsu province in 1991. In 1996, we have
been assessed and approved of AAA credit level by Jiangsu international consulting & assessing
company. We sold 80 million Yuan of products in 1997. In 1998, some of our products became the
quality product of Jiangsu province.

We have two wrap dyeing & finishing product lines and one printing product line. The daily output
is 30,000 meters. We have 10 types of silk velvet products. We produce 10 million meters of products
every year. We are the largest manufacture in China, 70% of products are exported to other countries.

We are improving our management through our advantages. We will provide you with quality product
and excellent service. We welcome your business.